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“My experience of somatic counselling with Tara was very much a continuation of work previously done years ago with Mariah, and nothing had come close since.

Talk therapy has rarely yielded much results or relief for me. I measure such things in my life in symptom relief of depression and anxiety but more importantly, a sense of hope and connection.

Part of our work included KAP. At that point in my life, I encountered a major health event and I am grateful for the support KAP provided. Other than the financial constraints it meant to me at that point, it is still by far the most powerful tool I have accessed to affect lasting change to my mental health.

I do see that having a good sense of trust with my therapist and a solid understanding of integration, as being instrumental in my progress. While there are a number of ongoing issues in my life, the strong, incessant suicidal ideation I was experiencing has resolved and I am now working on resolving the underlying issue in a safer way.

It’s profound the amount of stress I was able to process in my work with Tara, and while I do still feel the affects, I am still here. I attribute the support Tara gave me while I trudged through it all as one of the major pillars in my recovery. A calm port in the storm, reminding me to breathe, calling my loved ones by name so I would see their faces in the fog of my gale of tears. Thank you Tara for the work you do.”


“I have spoken to several therapists over the years and I have found Tara to be one of the easiest to open up to. She has created a comfortable space in which one can feel completely safe which is important when you are exploring ways to deal with stress or other problems. She is knowledgeable and extremely effective. I would definitely tell my family and friends about the service that she provides.”

– P.N.


“What made you interested in this treatment: My psychiatrist took me off clonzapam because it had stopped working. This experience of was difficult it took 6 months. I tried olanzapine which has effected my memory, I decided to come off that. I wanted something that would actually work and heal me. What has been your experience with Ketamine so far: I have been using oral ketamine spiratically for a year finding that it manages my depression and anxiety symptoms. I had to be brave to do this due to my anxiety it was scary, but it turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself. Today was my fourth KAP treatment with Tara and Dr Kailia and it feels like a break through to me. I feel like I have been healed on some levels and have got in touch with myself on a deeper, more objective level. It has helped me get in touch with the core truth of who I am.”

– K.


“I am afflicted with Fibromyalgia & PTSD. I have tried every medication available.

Suffering with Fibromyalgia is the worst thing that has happened to me. My body vibrates and there is inflammation, along with piercing, throbbing pain. I can’t tolerate bright light or loud noises. I feel like a am a big elastic band and I am being snapped. On many occasions my husband helps into the bath. It’s humiliating. I am unable to focus very clearly. People also ask me why I am angry because I look that way. Being bed ridden from this disease causes me great depression and I think to myself that this is all life is for me. Frankly, I would be just fine not being here because I have seen and done enough. There is no dignity with this disease. I am trying to deal with all the trauma that has happened to me and well it would be a book if I had to write everything down. I makes me extremely sad, angry, helpless. Kap has been THE ONLY THING that has helped me in over 2 decades. I am so grateful as it provides a break from the chronic pain everyday and all the overwhelming feelings. I am truly happy after I have the injection and I don’t have those feelings/thoughts about not wanting to be here. The relief is enormous.

This was my excellent experience with Ketamine: When I had the Ketamine injection the first thing I noticed my hands moved up on there own to the music. The music – I heard every note with such clarity. It was like I was at the best concert. The bright colors and each note I saw separately. I felt so good after the first injection that I was pain free for almost 21 days!!!! 21 DAYS!!!!!! I haven’t had that many pain free days in over 2 decades. I was able to walk and think clearly. It was truly amazing. All those things I tried did nothing and Ketamine gave me 21 pain free days. I am so grateful.”



Embodiment Counselling

Preferred contact is phone call or through the RISE clinic.

Phone: 250-551-5532

RISE clinic: 250-352-5259