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Tara Emery

Tara Emery

Relational Somatic Therapist

“I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past.”


Tara Emery’s main focus is holding empathetic, presence with her clients – offering, a caring hand in life’s darkest moments. In Relational Somatic Therapy Tara creates a safe space where trauma can be titrated slowly with support. Somatic therapy, an approached based on the latest science from neurobiology; uses touch, imagery and movement allowing traumatic body memories to find completion. RST can be thought of as the scientific study of the mind/body interface. It involves becoming consciously aware of body (soma) sensations. RST studies how our body sensations relate to our thoughts, actions and our perception or lens of how we see and relate to the world. Tara’s clients find that they are able to live more fully present lives as their body and mind lets go of fear related to past wounds. Her passion for working somatically with physical pain was prompted by lived experience with injury and trauma. Tara believes in holistic understanding and empathy in the path to healing.


Tara has been working as a social worker in the medical system since 2009 in the field of mental health and addictions. With an intense passion and belief in humankind, she began at a grassroots level on the streets of Calgary working with the most vulnerable and marginalised. In 2013 while birthing her beautiful son, Tara suffered a traumatic and painful nerve injury. She sought out on a path to recovery; moving to the Kootenays, and studying chronic pain management. Since March 2015, she has been renewing her body’s well being, reducing her pain alongside her clients at the RISE BC Wellness clinic. Tara has learned how mindfulness and CBT therapy can decrease pain. Her favourite tool is working somatically, as Tara found her perception of possibilities in this life dramatically opened during her training in her certificate in Relational Somatic Therapy, Tara is delighted to work with her clients in embodying this healing modality.


  • Social work diploma Mount Royal College 2009
  • Social work degree University of Calgary 2011
  • Relation Somatic Therapy Certificate 2016
  • CISM crisis intervention stress management
  • ASIST suicide first aid
  • SMART recovery facilitator training certificate
  • Certified with Victim Services BC to provide counselling services
  • Chronic Pain Counselling at RISE BC since March 2015

Tara is a registered social worker with BCCSW as well as registered with the BC Crime Victim Assistance Program. *If you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime or abuse contact victim services. You may be eligible to receive private counselling services at no charge to you. Victim services is available by calling directly, or in Nelson through the Advocacy Centre.


Embodiment Counselling

Preferred contact is phone call or through the RISE clinic.

Phone: 250-551-5532

RISE clinic: 250-352-5259