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Chronic Pain Counselling & Management

Focused on pain management and common symptoms such as depression, anxiety and central sensitization. Pain is our body’s alarm system letting us know when something is wrong and needing our attention. Our alarm system is located in the amygdala next to the brain stem. The brain stem is concerned with our survival so when we experience pain we respond in a very instinctual way. Pain triggers a release of adrenaline putting our nervous system into action mode leading to the fight/ flight and freeze response. Notice how when we experience a sharp pain we wince, our muscle tighten, we lean forward, our jaw tightens and our vision becomes narrow – these are all instinctual responses preparing our body for action. Being in a adrenaline, fight/ flight response is draining for our bodies, we are only meant to be in this state for about 15 minutes before it starts to drain the system.

Meditation and mindfulness is an important practice to reduce pain and relax the nervous system. If you are experiencing chronic pain it is important to seek counselling support. CBT, mindfulness and meditation have all shown meaningful changes in the brain in short periods of time.

Video: Understanding Central Sensitization


Embodiment Counselling

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