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Relational Somatic Therapy

Holding presence is the most essential skill a counsellor can have (Haley, 2014, p. 2). To hold presence means that each person’s life and story is unique, and you, the client, are the expert. My client-centred approach will utilize various trauma-informed practices and skills to find the best fit for you.

Somatic therapy, an approached based on the latest science from neurobiology; uses touch, imagery and movement allowing traumatic body memories to find completion. RST can be thought of as the scientific study of the mind/body interface. It involves becoming consciously aware of body (soma) sensations. RST studies how our body sensations relate to our thoughts, actions and our perception or lens of how we see and relate to the world.

The relational part of RST refers to how we connect to others utilizing attachment based theory. RST understands that our learned attachment styles in childhood create a framework or lens of how we view and connect to others in the world.


Embodiment Counselling

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